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This page provides links to
development and demonstration
of multi-user programs
available on line. 


Client Portal

Instructions to access the on-line demos

We prefer that you first go through
these programs with a sales person via the Internet for a short tour.

Tips: for web browsing, close out by selecting EXIT
of each database before login on to the next database.

EPM 85 shared preventative maintenance program

This program can be accessed with FileMaker client or with a browser to generate an entire preventative maintenance schedule of repetitive workorders and photos illustrating procedures as follows:

Viewing the EPM85 database with FileMaker requires two steps. First, you need to download a demo of FileMaker and then point to our hosted database. This is how you will share your PM software with other maintenance people. This method allows any one of your personnel to upload photos using the FileMaker client.

  1. Get a demo version of FileMaker
    Their demo will allow you to access the sample EPM 85 database.

  2. Run FileMaker according to their instructions.
    Go to File -> Open Remote and input into the network path:

      and enter the
    Account:  user1 and the password: password

  3. Or you can download this convenient FileMaker launch file to your desktop and click the start button when you need to connect (Download launch.fp7 here and save)

Viewing EPM 85 using a web browser allows some personnel who do not have FileMaker to view work requests. This method does not allow users to edit photos and video.

To view EPM 85 using a browser click here: EPM 8
and enter account:  user1 and the password: password

EFM 9 the shared facilities maintenance service request manager

EFM 9 is a facility management web based product and does NOT require FileMaker. It allows users to make service requests over the internet. The administrator can optionally get FileMaker to produce custom reports, but it is not required.  All you need is a browser. To access our demo, click here  EFM9Demo.

Guest Account "Guest1",  password: "password"   allows you to enter as a guest.
               It allows you to create your own demo account and enter workorders.

Service Account: "LLoPinto", password: "password" allows you to view service level functions.

Administrator  Account: "LisaL", password: "password" allows you to view admin level functions.

Note: demo does not allow changing passwords or deletions for admin. Make sure you click Exit to log out before you log in as a new user.

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